Shutters & More for Specialty Shaped Windows

Window covering for a specialty shaped window, such as triangles, arches, angles, and half-moons, are a beautiful decorative element in any home. At California Shutters & Shades serving Southern California, we have several window covering options for your specialty shaped windows.

Shutters for Specialty Shaped Windows

Custom shutters are beautiful on specialty shaped windows. Shutters can dress up a specialty shaped window and allow it to still have its dramatic effect on the room. We have several shutter collections that will work well on your specialty shaped windows. With operable louvers that coordinate with our wood and hybrid shutter collections, you can cover your arched windows with the classic look of shutters.

Shutters for Specialty ShapesRoman Shades for Angled Windows

You can enjoy the elegant pleats of Roman shades on your arched or other specialty shaped windows. Our selection of Roman Shades come in four distinctive styles, all available to be custom made for your specialty shaped windows. With a variety of fabrics that includes sophisticated textures, designs, stripes, rich solids and sheers, our roman shades work with any room décor. Fabrics are woven in widths that allow shades up to 96” wide without vertical seams.

Honeycomb Shades for Arched Windows

When your specialty shaped window lets in too much light, honeycomb shades can softly diffuse the light for perfect room ambiance. As functional as they are stylish, our Duette EasyView® honeycomb shades are perfect for arched or other specialty shaped window. With a cutting-edge design that allows you to raise and lower the shade, you can maintain the look of your specialty shape while still enjoying light and privacy control.

Specialty Shaped Window Coverings in Southern California

California Shutters & Shades is proud to be Southern California’s top choice for for custom window coverings. Contact us today to schedule your window treatment consultation.